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Featured Book: Raw Health: Pathways to Natural Healing

How can you really take control of your health, well being and happiness?

Your body is a complex, fine-tuned organism. Thanks to our modern diet, lifestyle and the environment we are taxing this fine-tuned instrument to the limit. In this short book, we would like to make you keenly aware of your responsibility in living up to your potential; not only intellectually, but mentally, physically and spiritually. Let's get started.

For you brave souls who have decided to take control of your health, we have something empowering for you. The first and primary step in taking charge of your health is taking control of what enters your body. Did you know that your health begins in a very large way with your food choices, physical activity and related lifestyle choices? Hang on for a speedy, informative ride.

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Featured DVD: A Day in the Raw

Janice Welsh and Danielle Anwar (mother and daughter) together have healed their bodies of diabetes, allergies, asthma and obesity by eating a raw plant based diet and changing over to a natural lifestyle.

Danielle is a 100% organic raw and living foodist that has lost a total of 93 pounds. In the DVD ‘A Day in the Raw’ she will show you step-by-step how she prepares a day of living (uncooked) food including breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. The meals are tasty and easy to make. This inspiring DVD answers the question most people want to know: What does a typical day in the raw food world look like?

Janice is a gourmet raw food chef. Between writing books, and doing presentations, she and her daughter produce and host their TV show “Eat Fresh Food.” The mother and daughter team are health advocates, passionate lecturers and co authors of the book Raw Health – Pathways to Natural Healing.

Featuring “Gethel Jones” - a comedic character asks basic questions about the raw food plan. She is played by Ruth Ann (Mosby) Thompson who is an author, editor and motivational speaker.

"This is a perfect video for people who are trying to go raw but struggling through their transition. Danielle showed me how to prepare fresh healthy food fast. It was easy, convenient and inspiring." – Tina Pettigrew

A Day in the Raw

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