Janice Anwar

Raw Gourmet chef Janice Welsh and 100% organic raw foodist Danielle Anwar hosted a television show and co-authored the book Raw Health Pathways to Natural Healing to teach their unique lifestyle to others throughout the country.

Janice's Story

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At 51 years old I found myself on medication for diabetes with no hope for a cure. A friend invited me to a seminar with a raw food dinner included. The speaker, Victoria Boutenko had been eating living foods for 8 years. She explained why raw food is so important for health.

Since going to her raw food seminar Monday, March 24th 2003, my health has drastically improved. When I heard her family’s story I knew this was the answer. I stopped my medication and started raw on Tuesday, March 25th 2003.

Here is a list of notable improvements after being raw for only 10 weeks:

Now at 55, I feel better with more energy and an improved attitude. There have been so many benefits. I’m sure I will never know all the great changes that have taken place inside my body as well as the outside.

A Day in the Raw

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