Danielle Anwar

Raw Gourmet chef Janice Welsh and 100% organic raw foodist Danielle Anwar hosted a television show and co-authored the book Raw Health Pathways to Natural Healing to teach their unique lifestyle to others throughout the country.

Danielle's Story

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Since the time I was a child, I struggled with obesity, asthma and chronic allergies. On Monday, March 31, 2003, after hearing a lecture by Victoria Boutenko, I started the raw food diet. I knew it was right the first night, because as I lay in bed my body tingled from head to toe as if it were thanking me for making this change. Soon my mother and I would find recipes and get together to make them on the weekends. Every day I just got better and better.

I am actually watching my body rejuvenate itself daily. I can't stop eating raw; it is too exciting to watch the benefits! All the dieting that I did in the past gave me guidelines to follow, but eating raw taught me to listen to myself and follow what I know intuitively.

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A Day in the Raw

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