Natural Health Phone Consultation - $60/hr

Not feeling well? Want to try something other than traditional medicine? Is it confusing trying to figure out where to start your alternative health journey?

Expert Natural Health Consultant Danielle Anwar will walk you step by step through the pathway of natural healing or what people call alternative health. There is a clear path and only a few have found it. Make an appointment with Danielle and she will help you on your road to recovery from illness, obesity or just even help you along your own personal health journey. One on One Consultations are an extraordinary way to receive instruction.

Personal Natural Health Consultation - $80/hr

Danielle Anwar healed her body of obesity, allergies, asthma, fatigue, depression and a myriad of other ailments with the exclusive use of alternative health care methods. In your personal consultation she will sit down with you and outline the best way to start your path to natural health.

Raw food Phone Consultation - $60/hr

Expert 100% organic raw foodist Danielle Anwar will tailor a raw food regimen uniquely and specifically tailored for what you want to do. Whether it’s losing weight, reversing disease or just feeling better, this one on one phone consultation is extremely beneficial to those who dare to challenge themselves in eating the natural way.

Personal Raw Food Consultation - $80/hr

Expert 100% organic raw foodist Danielle Anwar will sit down with you and craft a raw food menu specifically designed for you. Each person is unique and therefore each diet should be unique. Whether you would like to be 100% raw or 50% we will figure out how to make you successful in your journey of raw foods.

Raw Gourmet Chef Appointment - $65 a class with a minimum of ten people

Expert raw gourmet chef Janice Welsh will show you how to prepare delicious delicacies such as pizza, spaghetti, bread, chocolate cake, crackers, soups, potato chips, truffles, almond milk, smoothies, cookies, pie and much more made completely out of raw food. Janice’s food is magnificently incredible and you will find yourself saying, “I can’t believe this is raw!”

Personal consulting is available as well. Email Janice for the details at

*Set up your Raw Kitchen - $60/hr

Expert raw gourmet chef Janice Welsh will walk you step by step in how to set up your kitchen to accommodate your new lifestyle. What do you need? Where can you get it? What is the most inexpensive way to start? All of your questions will be answered in this consultation.

*Take a trip to the health food store - $60/hr

So many people are overwhelmed when they begin their journey into raw foods. What is Jicama? What is Nama Shoyu? Can I drink orange juice? How do I eat when I am raw? t’s like learning another language. However, after this consultation you will have a clear and precise understanding of how to shop for healthy foods. Appointments are available with Janice and Danielle.

In order to book a lecture, motivational speech, book signing or events given by Janice and Danielle, please email Janice at

*Unless special arrangements have been made, these appointments should be within 100 miles of the Lansing, Michigan area.
A Day in the Raw

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