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Janet's "Just Like" Cheesecake

Put 3 cups cashews into pure water to soak for at least an hour.


Process the nuts and dates or honey until fine (but small pieces of nut still visible) in food processor (if using blender do part at a time).  Press into 8 or 9 inch pie plate and refrigerate.


Drain the cashews and put in blender or food processor with

Blend until creamy and pour into crust and refrigerate for an hour.


Spoon over each piece of cheesecake when serving.


I used 1 cup nuts and 1/2 cup dates for crust.

I cut the cheese recipe by 1/3 and used only 2 cups of cashews for two people.

I used the food processor for all of it - one machine to clean.  As mentioned, blend 1/4 cup of almonds dry first and put in bottom of the pan so it is easier to get out of pan neatly.

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