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Collard Roll-ups


1. Marinate the onions and portabella mushrooms in Bragg liquid aminos for 10 minutes or longer
2. Lay the collard leaves flat with the inside facing up
3. Drain the onions and mushrooms well
4. Place a scoop of avocado or guacmole, half the zucchini, half the carrot, half the muchroom and onion micture and half the lettuce on one leaf
5. Roll the leaf up and continue to do the same with the other leaf.
Note: If you are not using very large leaves you will have to put less filling in each one.

Serving suggestion: Place a beet in the Saladacco to make the beet strings. Use a long beet string and wrap it around the collard roll-up a few times to hold it together. This makes a very pretty presentation.

Excerpted from pg. 437 'Living on Live Food' by Alissa Cohen.

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